How do you define a senior community professional?

Good question! We don't think there is a perfect answer here, and we're always open to feedback about this.

We know that there are several factors that can go into the consideration of being "senior". It's not just time in the industry, it can also be breadth of projects executed. 

This is for folks who have already mastered the essentials. You been doin' the dang thing. You crave conversation at a higher level. 

 For now, we will look at the following criteria:

✨ You have been in a community role for a minimum of 3 years

And you have 1 [one] of the following criteria: (you don’t need all, just one)
✨ You have a Sr Manager, Head of, Director, or VP title

✨ You have at least 1 [one] direct report

✨ You have worked on multiple community launches

✨ OR explain your qualifications outside of these options

We know this isn't a perfect formula, and this will be an iterative process as we learn.


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