You did it. You found your people.

Where there used to be little support for community professionals, we've seen a rise in community communities popping up.

There isn't one for the senior community professionals crowd. Let's fix that.

  • Monthly Sessions

    Y'all are busy building your own communities - we get it. (Because, same.) We'll meet once a month to chat thru what's on our minds.

  • The [Online] Community Community

    I know, who needs another slack?

    The reality is - you're already in slack, and we love that for you (and us.) This is our place to chat between sessions.

If this is what you're looking for:

The Major Label Collection

There are many communities, but there is only one The Community Community (TCC). Check out our TCC logoed merch!

(N.B. we definitely got inspiration for "Major Label" from Lizzo's YITTY collection.)

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