Deactivation after 90 days of inactivity

After 90 days of inactivity, a member will be removed from the community.


We want this to be a safe space, and we will have folks who join just to have :eyes: on this space.
The purpose of The Community Community is for us to grow, together - and it is the together part that will require some activity.

What is considered Activity

  • Liking/emoji reacting or commenting on posts/comments. Likes can let folks know that their posts are valuable or that you are also curious. Comments can help folks grow or make others feel seen.
  • Posting in any public channel

What is not considered activity

  • DMs
  • Reading, but not taking any action (ie Lurking)


  • I have set up a Common Room workflow - this will allow me to automatically message members after 60days of inactivity to allow them one month to become active.
  • After at least 88 days, but more specifically 2 days prior to deletion, the member will be notified by Slack DM that they will be deleted if there is no activity in the next 2 days.
  • If there is no activity, the member will be deleted.

If I am removed from The Community Community, is that permanent?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Please, if you believe that there is value for you here and you would like to come back - reapply and you will be automatically accepted and added during our next cohort.

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