Join members of the Community Community as we build our first official in-person unconference event. Our community of community leaders will discuss topics that apply to our roles and with our peers. 

​In the last year, we saw Community teams gutted, strong teams expanded, and new teams spun up. The VP of community roles may not be the way forward for our industry. What does Community Leadership look like in the year 2024 and beyond? What skills do we as leaders need to help our teams and programs thrive? How do we bake diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work? 

​The unconference will set us up to tackle these conversations and build relationships with community leaders across our industry. In coming together, we will share in upleveling our skills and our industry’s capacity. 

​If you have any questions, please post them in the Community Community #unconference2023 channel. 

What is an unconference

​An unconference puts participants in the driver's seat. This means the agenda is open and attendees decide what topics they want to workshop and discuss, while hosts help facilitate conversations and keep time. The unconference will start with a brainstorm to select topics and what format to talk about them in. 

Who are your hosts? 

​Nikki, Jocelyn, and Amanda!

When is the unconference? Where will it be hosted?

​Connection: The Community Community Unconference will be held on Friday, October 6. The event will start at 10:30am and end at 4:30pm. This is a completely in person event and will be hosted at a venue in the SF Bay Area (around San Mateo).

Is the event free?

​Yes, this event is free thanks to sponsorship from our friends at Gradual and Common Room.

​If you’re interested in donating to The Community Community, consider leaving a donation in our Tip Jar. All money goes directly to running TCC.

What’s the agenda? What can I expect from the unconference?

​We will create the agenda together on the day of! This way, we can ensure that we are all creating the space and value we need.

​A rough idea of what that could look like (again, just an idea!):
10:30-11:30am | Create the day together
11:30-12:15pm | First Discussion Breakout
12:15pm | Come back together and discuss
12:30pm | Lunch
2:00pm | Gather back and break off into new groups
3:15pm | Come back and discuss together
3:30-4:30pm | Group working session


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